Referenzen im Asia Search

 Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Auswahl von durch uns besetzte Positionen in Asien:

Personalsuche für China

  •  VP Technology Asia Pacific, Refractory Industry
  •  GM for two Productions Plants in China, Refractory Industry
  •  Plant Manager, Production Plant High Temperature Industry
  •  Manager Strategy Projects, Refractory Industry
  •  VP Finance, China Holding, Electrical Industry
  •  General Manager, Toy Production Company China
  •  Finance Director, Toy Production Company China
  •  Senior Quality Manager, Heavy Trucks and Buses China
  •  Director Human Resources, Railway Supply Company China
  •  Managing Director, Railway Supply Company China
  •  Deputy Managing Director, Brake Systems Railway China
  •  Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Brake Systems Railway China
  •  Regional Director, Aftermarket Systems Railway Asia Pacific
  •  Regional Director, Productions Systems Railway Asia Pacific
  •  Director, China Production Systems Railway
  •  Sales and Marketing Director, Photovoltaic Industry China
  •  National Sales Director, China Power and Automotive Supply

Personalsuche für Japan

  •  Managing Director Japan, Printing Machinery
  •  Sales Director Japan, Printing Machinery
  •  Managing Director Japan, Packaging Machinery
  •  Head of Sales Japan, Connecting Systems
  •  Managing Director Japan, Measuring Systems
  •  Managing Director Japan, Printing Machinery
  •  Managing Director Japan, Industrial Enclosure

Personalsuche für Korea

  •  Managing Director Korea, Precious Metals
  •  Managing Director Korea, Renewable Energy
  •  6 other positions, Renewable Energy, Hamburg
  •  Representative Director Busan, Shipbuilder Supplier
  •  Managing Director Korea, Flow and Level Measurement
  •  Managing Assistant, Automotive Supplier Group
  •  Product Manager, Pharmaceutical
  •  Technical Inspector, Shipbuilder Supplier
  •  HR Director, Pharmaceutical